ComputerBright Ltd Technology growth, mergers and acquisitions
When you are grappling with the adventure of your first business acquisition, or the onslaught of your thirtieth, you know you can benefit from those who have 'done it before'. With over 70% of M&A transactions leaving value opportunities unexplored (PwC), you know that business value can be easily lost in the stress of business integration planning and delivery.

Merging your acquisition(s) can bring unique scenarios. Not only are you managing the mechanics of the integration plan, but making sure the unique business value you have just acquired is increased. We have developed proven planning and execution methods that deliver organisation, process and application solutions to save you time, money and resources

For over 20 years, our experiences come from the acquisition of over 20 small to medium sized technology companies being acquired by larger corporates. For the past 5 years, our focus has been with over 35 data-providing Fintech acquisitions facing the challenge of both integration and organic growth. All have a focus on value creation.

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Recent merger and post-acquisition integration activities include:
Merger strategy and planning
Development of integrated Target Operating Models (TOMs)
Process and data integration across multiple businesses
Application rationalisation
Project team resourcing
Business strategy and planning
Business readiness
Advisory and Non-Executive Director
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